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The Gold Coast is at the core of film-making in Australia.

Situated just 45 minutes from Queensland’s capital Brisbane, and one hours flight north of Sydney, the Gold Coast is serviced by two international airports.  Getting here is relatively easy, giving international producers access to a myriad of big screen locations.

As one of Australia’s leading filming locations, the Gold Coast exposes filmmakers to a diverse range of locations from pristine coastlines, lush rainforests and modern cityscape – all within close proximity to world-class studios. A reason why we have a growing portfolio of productions filmed on the Gold Coast.

The city also offers producers competitive costs, film financial incentives (independent from state and national programs) under our Film Attraction Program and experienced local production crews that ensure the success of productions on the Gold Coast.

Watch: Filming on the Gold Coast

one of Australia's leading filming locations

diverse range of locations close to the studios

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